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What is an Apprenticeship?

If you are 16+ we can help match you with an employer and get you started on a career path whilst developing your skills along the way. We can also help if you are already employed and would like further training and development.

Funded by the Government, an Apprenticeship is a way of making money whilst increasing your knowledge, skills and behaviours within a job role. You will gain valuable work experience and achieve certification that will benefit you for the rest of your life whilst still bringing in a wage.

TheLightBulb can help to match you with an employer and get you started on your career path developing your skills along the way. Alternatively if you are already employed but would like further training and development we can help.

A group of apprentices gathered around a table looking at a computer

Apprenticeships delivered at TheLightBulb

Content Creator

Start creating interactive & engaging content for your employer.

Social media interactions on mobile phone, concept with notification icons of like, message, email, comment and star above smartphone screen, person hands holding device, internet digital marketing

Multi-Channel Marketer

Design, build and implement digital marketing campaigns.

Businesswoman and partner hand using digital tablet and making presentation business strategy.

Business Administration

Supporting and engaging with different parts of the organisation.

Customer Service

Provide excellent customer service within an organisation.

Managers and job applicants shake hands after the job interview, job recruitment and job interviews.


Identify, attract and shortlist candidates for an organisation.

Employee making presentation during morning briefing in office


Manage a team or projects to achieve company goals and objectives.

Young, independent and creativity team on the meeting

Team Leader

Start a career in a management role with new responsibilities.

Satisfied ethnic male executive in casual wear smiling while viewing to creative coworkers writing on sticky notes at modern office

Learning & Development

Identify learning / training needs within an organisation.

HR Support

Deliver front line support to managers & employees across a company.

Teacher explaining to teenagers classmates.

Teaching Assistant

Support the class to enhance pupils learning in all education settings.

Benefits of an Apprenticeship

You can earn while you learn
Achieve recognised qualifications
Learn industry / job specific skills
Work alongside experienced staff
Gain valuable work experience

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