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About us

We are an award winning training provider that specialises in delivering Apprenticeships, Skills Bootcamps and training courses.

Get Set for a unique story.

TheLightBulb is now part of Get Set UK. Same great localised services, but under a new home.

You can now find our story on the Get Set UK website here

We offer learners a wide range of opportunities for all ages, including Apprenticeships, Government funded training and Skills Bootcamps.

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We support employers with a wide range of opportunities which include upskilling existing workforce and supporting them with hiring new employees/apprentices.

About TheLightBulb

Founded in 2003, TheLightBulb has always been at the forefront of the training industry with a unique outlook and approach to business and development. Working in partnership with funders we deliver apprenticeships and training to upskill and support both the unemployed and employed across a wide range of industry sectors.

Through this knowledge and experience we are able to help businesses take the cost of staff development out of their business activities, giving them more flexibility and finance to focus on other areas of their organisation.

As a result, we have achieved an impressive status in the training industry, something which has been recognised by various bodies, earning the company a raft of awards and accreditations.

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TheLightBulb is the training divison of Get Set UK

In 2022 Get Set UK acquired TheLightBulb. Get Set UK established in 2009 successfully delivers a range of Government funded programmes to support people to make positive change in their lives.

They offer innovative and reliable solutions to support people to obtain real employer-led skills, information, advice and guidance, job opportunities and vocational training.

TheLightBulb Core Values

About Us - Core Values


Develop a positive reputation by being at the forefront of information, methodology and innovation within our sector.


Inspire people to take responsibility for actions, always look to learn from mistakes and create new processes for improvement.


Challenge ourselves and strive to always improve our services and tailor them to the needs of the communities we serve.


Empower a positive change in attitude to increase motivation, confidence, drive and positive intent.


Sustain environments that are managed to safeguard the wellbeing of our learners, participants and employees.


TheLightBulb is committed to improving and promoting best practice throughout the organisation and ensuring that the wellbeing of learners is safeguarded, that they are protected from harm (including radicalisation and extremism) and feel that TheLightBulb provides them with a safe environment.

This will in turn promote opportunities for them to thrive and benefit from their learning experience. TheLightBulb believes that all individuals have a right to freedom from abuse and harm and promotes this throughout the organisation.

The organisation has ultimate responsibility for learner protection and will ensure that the arrangements for safeguarding learners are effective, robust and reviewed on a regular basis. As such two members of staff have been designated as Safeguarding Personnel.

In the event that you either have or want to report a safeguarding issue, please contact either Suzanne Tilling, Safeguarding Lead, or Andrea Gregory, Designated Safeguarding Officer, on 01268 270648 or by email [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]

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Sub Contracting with TheLightBulb

Please note that we are not currently sub-contracting our provisions. Click below to read our subcontracting policy.