Benefits for Your Business

Funded by the Government, an Apprenticeship scheme can deliver real returns for your business.  Apprentices are motivated, eager to learn, and loyal to the company that invests in them.  They provide a chance for your business to pass its knowledge on to the next generation of workers, as a way of ensuring its survival and making it future proof.


If you feel you can offer an enthusiastic young person a role within your organisation, contact us and we can recruit them for you.  Why not make use of our free vacancy matching service to save you time, energy and to give your business a fresh outlook for 2012. Steve Attwood is the line manager of 4 Apprentices TheLightBulb has recruited for his organisation and supports our Apprenticeship programme 100%:


“The whole experience has been very successful.  Knowing that you pre-vet your applicants to ensure they are correct for the roles we have is a crucial to us as time is a valuable asset in our business.  Taking on someone who is young, eager and has little or no experience is great because they’re like a blank canvas for us to work with and integrate into the business”


Apprenticeships are not just for new employees or young people, you can also tap into the scheme to release your existing teams hidden abilities and provide them with a valuable learning experience and life enhancing tools. Below are even more quotes from existing clients demonstrating the benefits of being a part of an apprentices journey and the value it has brought to their organisations:


Toni Panter from Ford Motor Company managed one of our learners throughout her apprenticeship:
“It’s been great to watch her grow as the process has gone on.  We utilise her a lot every day to perform a multitude of tasks that are essential to the business.  The whole process has provided everyone with a sense of achievement”


Simon was the line manager of one of two learners based with Essex Floor Coverings in South Woodham:
“A customer came into the shop and said she was extremely pleased with the work he had done at her house. He’s polite, pleasant and pays a lot of attention to detail, all things which are paramount to securing new and repeat business for us”


Floor Coverings Essex are recognised for their quality products and service throughout the Flooring Industry.  So much so that they were chosen to provide the materials and fittings in an episode of the popular Channel 5 television programme, Superior Interiors with Kelly Hoppen.  A fantastic achievement for not only Floor Coverings Essex, but also 2 of TheLightBulb Apprentices who featured in the programme.

We believe everyone has the potential to SHINE and should be given the opportunity to do so

You can see the Apprentices in action by clicking here.

TheLightBulb’s values, developed by our staff, are what make us different to other training providers:


Whether someone is based within our business or within yours, TheLightBulb will always work hard to release their potential and make them SHINE. In addition to our Apprenticeship schemes, TheLightBulb also run training courses
in all aspects of business. See how much more TheLightBulb can benefit your business, follow the link to our
Training Courses.

Success Stories…

Connor Dawson – Toner Graphics
Level 2 Business & Administration

Connor started his Level 2 Business & Administration Apprenticeship with TheLightBulb in July and hasn’t looked back since. Connor finished college but decided he didn’t want to continue with higher education; instead he wanted to earn a wage and gain skills and experience he otherwise wouldn’t have gained elsewhere.

“I’ve loved doing my Apprenticeship and I’d recommend it over college to anyone. I’ve had so much support from both Toner Graphics and TheLightBulb, and although it has been hard work learning everything there is to know in the industry, they both made me feel so confident and worthwhile. I’ve always been a practical person and I’ve found that this way of learning has done me so much good. My Apprenticeship has flown by and I’m already looking forward to going straight on to the Level 3.”