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Level 3 Retail Team Leader

The role of Retail Team Leader is to guide and coordinate staff, their work and sales within a retail environment.

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What is the Retail Team Leader Apprenticeship?

Typically, this apprenticeship will take between 12-15 months.

Guiding and coordinating staff, their work, and sales within a retail environment.

Retail Team Leaders are a critical support to managers, delivering exceptional customer service and a positive experience to customers, and may have to deputise for managers in their absence.

The role is dynamic and in one day, can involve a variety of different functions. Most significantly, retail team leaders guide and coordinate the work of the team to complete tasks, identify and explore opportunities that drive sales, ensuring team members maintain business standards in relation to merchandising, service and promotional activities, in line with procedures.

Retail team leaders gain the most from their team on a day-to-day basis, ensuring they are fully trained and work effectively and to the best of their ability.

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End Point Assessment:

The end point assessment (EPA) will test the entire standard and comprises of the following elements:

A summary of knowledge, skills and behaviours will need to be demonstrated throughout your EPA

Information Sheet

Skills Scan

Apprenticeship Catalogue

What are the requirements?

Green Tick

Must be 16 or over and working at least 30 hours per week including all training and study time.

Green Tick

Must be in an occupation relevant to the apprenticeship and hold a contract of employment.

Green Tick

Must be allowed to use 6 hours a week of their working time to complete off the job training.

Depending on the Apprenticeship, apprentices will need to achieve level 1 or 2 English and Maths prior to taking the end-point assessment and we will support the learner through this programme where necessary.

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