TheLightBulb is committed to improving and promoting best practice throughout the organisation and ensuring that your wellbeing as a learner is safeguarded, that you are protected from harm (including radicalisation and extremism) and feel that we provide you with a safe environment to learn in and develop in your career.  This will promote opportunities for you to thrive and benefit from your learning experience.  We also believe that all individuals have a right to freedom from abuse and harm and promote this throughout our organisation.

TheLightBulb has ultimate responsibility for your protection as a learner and will ensure that the arrangements for safeguarding you are effective, robust and reviewed on a regular basis.  As such two members of staff have been designated as Safeguarding Personnel and are your first points of contact should you have any concerns.

In the event that you either have or want to report a safeguarding issue, please contact either Suzanne Tilling, Safeguarding Lead, or Andrea Gregory, Designated Safeguarding Officer, on 01268 270648 or by email [email protected] or [email protected]

Hot Topics

TheLightBulb promotes equality and diversity through the use of our Hot Topics.  We have various subjects on which we have collated information, advice and guidance along with awareness videos and tasks for our learners to complete.  To present this information we use a cloud-based sharing page called Padlet.

Not only do we encourage our learners to complete the tasks that we set, but we also encourage our staff to do the same. The team at TheLightBulb will receive the Hot Topic a month prior to our learners, this is to make them aware of the subject in case they have any questions or concerns regarding the topic.

Click on the links below to access the Hot Topics and find out more!


January – Domestic Violence

February – Non-Stereotypical Families

March – Equal Pay

April – Bullying, Stalking, Victimisation, Harassment

May – Homelessness & Poverty in the UK

June – Prevent and Safeguarding

July – Disabilities Within The Workplace

August – Mental Health Awareness

September – Addictions

October – Black History

November – Religions & Beliefs In A Workplace

December – Ageism


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Hot Topics please contact Emily Casson on 01268 270648 or alternatively email [email protected]

Safeguarding Tutorial – Disrespect Nobody Campaign