TheLightBulb Apprenticeships

Case Studies

Current and past feedback

L1 Customer Service Course

“TheLightBulb company have the tools to open a door for you, along with your own determination, passion, and motivation you can walk through that door and into a exciting new career. Thanks for all your help, I loved the course with you last week. I actually miss the zoom calls with everyone. It was really enjoyable.”

L1 Customer Service Course

“Alex the course trainer, such a helpful and kind person. He made all aspects easy to understand whilst providing endless help and patience. He made everyone feel valued and that no question was ever silly. Not only that, but he gave up his own time to provide 1-2-1 support with anyone who needed it. In particular those with neurological disabilities. Everyone was supported, helped and guided, above and beyond."

Business Start-Up Course

"I cannot thank you enough for letting me joining the Business Start-up course. It has been of great benefit to me, and Louise is a fantastic teacher"

L2 Customer Service Course

“The course I recently attended online was presented so well it was so interesting hearing the experiences people have had in customer service. The tutor Jonny made the course so much fun and learnt so many valuable examples which worked so well. I have learnt so much which I'm looking forward to using it in my next career. Highly recommend going on these courses."

L3 Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship

“The apprenticeship has been clearly been thought out to get the best out of the apprentices. They paired me with a great organisation with which I have made great connections and in some instances, friends for life. I felt constantly supported by my tutor, Nikala who helped guide me through my apprenticeship to get the results I will continue to be very proud of. Overall, it's a great organisation for anyone seeking their start in a new and exciting career."

L3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

“The apprenticeship has been an excellent start to my marketing career as it has put me on the right track and has created a great foundation of knowledge for me to develop. TheLightBulb offers a great support network of tutors who are there every step of the way and will always give you advice to make sure that you can achieve what you deserve."

L3 Business Admin Apprenticeship

“Debbie was very helpful and supportive throughout my apprenticeship and is the main reason why it was a success, I have a learned a lot of knowledge and skills that will make me exceed within my job. I really appreciate everything, thank you"

L2 Recruitment Apprenticeship

“Towards the end of my apprenticeship I had the support of Amy McTaggart and Ellis Davis who really pushed me through the end of my course. Wish I had these two earlier on as they they are truly great tutors and are pro-actively there for their students providing marking advice as well as multiple zoom call sessions to go through any work / next steps / exam prep."

Skills Bootcamp in Digital Marketing

“I'm really enjoying it and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to switch careers or start up theirs."

L2 Supporting Teaching and Learning

"It gave me a confidence boost, knowing that I do my job properly and know the best way to deal with certain situations involving other staff members and children too.. Personally the course has impacted my position as I now know the correct ways to deal with incidents and problems in my work place as well as more details about health and safety. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the support I got from Debbie throughout the course was always very helpful. Thank you for all your support, help and kindness throughout the course and for giving me the opportunity to undertake this course."

L2 Supporting Teaching and Learning

"I really enjoyed working through this course and my lovely tutor Debbie was always there to support me if I ever needed her. The course was broken down into manageable stages which helped me to organise studying around work. Before the course, I felt like I had a good enough knowledge of my role but this course helped me to dive deeper into the different was to help children in the best ways possible and how to work more effectively with my colleagues. The knowledge I have gained from this course has really boosted my confidence and the skills I have gained will help me to continue to support children in the best ways I can."